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The brand is Spanish, so the design was loosely inspired by a Spanish tapas bar and the convivial atmosphere of San Sebastian’s old town and the gastronomic traditions of Basque culture. The concise installation of a food counter maximised space and allowed for a small seating area in a very busy food hall. 

batera London mimo
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batera London
portrait at mimo
portrait at mimo
portrait at mimo
portrait at mimo
Jon Warren founder of Mimo worked with Concorde BGW to build a new tapas bar at Borough Market in London
Jon Warren
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The Concorde build team delivered exactly what the promised and more. Their build team from top to bottom were great and Guy Bostock was always on call yet gave space for his team execute a great job. The project was finished bang on time, they were extremely professional yet friendly and collaborate. Highly recommended.

Paul Batty was also excellent and I loved the tradesmen's honesty and warmth (albeit I only saw them on completion day). 

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