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The Horse and Guardsman is a smart, wood-panelled traditional London pub in the West End, Westminster, previously the premises of bankers Messrs Cocks Biddulph & co.


Staying true to the historic equestrian roots surrounding its location, plenty of horse and stable-inspired items have been carefully featured as statement pieces which are flattering and timelessly classic.


Probably one of the biggest pictures to ever hang on a pub wall is the eye-catching gilt framed painting depicting the royal cavalry charging forward in a “death or glory” scene. Other incredible decorations include sabre swords, H&G logos embossed onto furniture, atmospheric lighting coming through the ceiling joists, faux climbing plants and even saddles for guests to use for seating.


The new, raised, and private mezzanine floor has a Tack Room theme. It’s a great space for larger functions, and has added an extra 145 covers to the venue.

the horse & gurdsman london pre refurb the horse & gurdsman london pre refurb
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Simon Gifford
The Horse & Guardsman
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Since Covid restrictions have eased the pub has gone from strength to strength and we envisage many years of growth out of the business. The pub has been designed in a way which means it will never be dated and will always be known as an iconic London pub.  We have received a lot of great feedback both internally from our family owners and external from our guests. 

I have been thoroughly impressed by Guy, Emma, Stella and the team at Concorde BGW and would highly recommend them. To that end we have commandeered their services for two-multimillion-pound projects in 2022 /2023!

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