The Horse & Guardsman

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Situated in the heart of London is the Horse & Guardsman. Taking inspiration from the Royal Horseguards we created a traditional London Pub, featuring a huge Oil painting of the Horseguards in the main bar area and using red and blues throughout to represent their uniforms.  We installed a double mezzanine above the restaurant area which seats an additional 145 guests. 

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Simon Gifford
The Horse & Guardsman
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Since Covid restrictions have eased the pub has gone from strength to strength and we envisage many years of growth out of the business. The pub has been designed in a way which means it will never be dated and will always be known as an iconic London pub.  We have received a lot of great feedback both internally from our family owners and external from our guests. 

I have been thoroughly impressed by Guy, Emma, Stella and the team at Concorde BGW and would highly recommend them. To that end we have commandeered their services for two-multimillion-pound projects in 2022 /2023!

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