MARCH 2023
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Based in North Yorkshire, 3 miles south of Richmond, Catterick is home to the largest British Army garrison in the world, which was the site for our latest design and build project working alongside NAAFI.


Our brief on base in Catterick, was to convert a unit which was previously used as an Italian restaurant into a high-street coffee shop and café. The existing fit-out was in good condition with many aspects and features that could be adapted, utilised and built into our new NAAFI Café concept.


Our works included adding in a symbolic floor to ceiling height NAAFI “N” as a centrepiece for the scheme which also helps to break up the space into more intimate areas. The iconic NAAFI red and blue colours are used throughout the scheme. An eclectic mix of wall finishes were used including dark tiles, a faux living wall and wallpaper which all give a more informal feel to create a perfect place for a relaxing brew or two.


Furniture styles vary throughout – we reupholstered some existing dining chairs for re-use whilst supplementing with a mix of lounge chair styles to sit nicely with new coffee tables. We reused large sections of fixed seating from the existing site and reupholstered the long run in a dark blue leather to fit with the new branding.


A new bespoke servery counter has been formed to allow for a fully orchestrated product display and to ensure operational needs are met behind the scenes.

before and after photos of cafe before and after photos of cafe
NAAFI Cafe seating area with neon sign
NAAFI Cafe seating area with neon sign
NAAFI Cafe seating area with big N shape
NAAFI Cafe counter bar
NAAFI Cafe serving counter
NAAFI Cafe fridges
NAAFI Cafe serving counter with cakes
NAAFI Cafe signage
NAAFI Cafe signage
NAAFI Cafe sign
NAAFI Cafe seating
NAAFI Cafe seating
NAAFI Cafe seating

This project is award winning!

Conversion / Redesign / Repurpose Project - NAAFI Catterick


Having worked with the NAAFI for over 20 years, it's been our honour to design and build on their latest expansion into cafes for the Armed Forces, their families and the public.

At Catterick, home to the largest Army barracks in the UK, we converted a unit that was an Italian restaurant into a modern coffee shop and cafe for all to enjoy.

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