We are ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 Certified

We are pleased to announce that Concorde BGW has been authorised for certification to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001. 

After months of working away behind the scenes, we are absolutely chuffed to have received our certificates. At Concorde BGW Group, Innovation is one of our core values, and this in hand with our other values of pride & integrity were the key motivation for us to strive to achieve our ISO 14001, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 accreditations, in environmental management, Health & Safety and Quality management for our Interior design & build services.


These ISO accreditations and associated management systems set us apart from our competitors and show our dedication to provide a high level of quality, and consistency through our services for all our clients. They are formal recognition of our competence to work to specified standards and they demonstrate our commitment to quality and good business practices. ISOs are designed to ensure processes and services provided meet the high level of acceptable international standards and here at Concorde we are excited to provide our clients with world class quality, safety, and efficiency.




ISO (International Organization for Standardisation) Certification is a seal of approval meaning as a company we have complied to one of the internationally recognised ISO management systems. Certification can be used to tender for business as a proof of our credibility but also instils confidence in clients that promises will be kept. 


It demonstrates our commitment to continually improving our services. To become ISO compliant, our team underwent an extensive company-wide audit that included quality management system development, a management system documentation review, pre-audit, initial assessment, and clearance of non-conformances.

We worked closely with our accreditors to undertake an in depth analysis of the activities that directly affect the required standard for each certification below:




An ISO 9001 Quality Management System is a consistent way of doing things which ensures that our services meet our client’s needs. Our services and suppliers are all carefully monitored, and we take action to deal with issues.


Improving our Quality Management System (QMS) to the level required by the ISO, strengthens our business performance by delivering a consistent level of quality and satisfaction.




An ISO 14001 Environmental Management System is a way of managing the aspects of our business which have a significant impact on the environment.




An ISO 45001 Health & Safety Management System is a way of doing things which primarily protects our employees and key stakeholders from harm.


It protects employees against ill health caused or made worse by work as well as injury through accidents. It plays a critical role in ensuring that visitors to our premises, such as contractors, are safe.


Improving your Health and Safety System to the level required by ISO 45001 helps us anticipate and control health and safety risks and comply with regulations. By doing so, it reduces our risk of litigation, improves productivity, and gives our customers confidence.


“ISO accreditations reflect extremely high levels of service and quality, which is what our dedicated team have been working towards over the past few years, I am absolutely thrilled to have achieved these accreditations for our Interior design & build services and it will help us to continue to deliver wonderful projects and reliable services whilst also driving the company forward into new markets too. Exciting times ahead for the Concorde BGW Group.”


Richard Wilson, MD, Concorde BGW Group