Paul Ainsworth Customer Service Centre - Office Design Finalist at SBID 2021

Paul Ainsworth’s offices provide a multi-functional workspace that’s visually appealing. Its environment creates a positive, comfortable space that employees are proud to work in.

We have become a finalist in the SBID International Design Awards 2021. Amazingly, 3 of our projects have been shortlisted for an award!


The Public Vote is now open and totals 30% of our overall score (the judges will form the remaining 70%) and closes on Friday 10th September at 5 pm. Everyone is invited to take part in the public voting – colleagues, clients, friends and family so rally your troops!


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This workplace is enriched with vibrant colours – burnt orange chairs, bold 3D wallpaper in cool greens, yellows and whites and teal timber cladding which protects the walls, add architectural shape and some traditional charm.


The office is adaptable allowing employees to work to the best of their abilities according to the task at hand. It contains creative hubs, WC, reception, a formal and casual meeting room, a kitchen and a breakout area.


There’s a carefully crafted hot desk with 4 seats, a pull-out storage box underneath and stud walls filled with acoustic insulation – an important asset in a small office where noise is easily perceptible. The hotdesk is an organisational workspace system that sees desks being used by different people at different times, on an ad hoc basis and also reduces the risk of redundant office space.  


Exterior enhancements to the building’s façade significantly improve its curb appeal. New paint finishes matching the spray-painted anthracite grey window frames and decorative potted trees on either side of the entrance which upgrades its overall look.