Leader of the Year up to 250 in The Investors in People Awards 2020

Mr Wilson has been shortlisted in the Leader of the Year up to 250 in The Investors in People Awards 2020!

Reasons Richard was shortlisted for the award:


  • Ensures staff know the vision and objectives of the company
  • Created a strong and united senior leadership team
  • Empowers and support employee’s potential


Richard has been significantly impacted by the Leadership Charter and our step change programme.


This programme gives our team high quality management training and keeps relaying behaviours and competencies back to our business mission, vision and objectives to strengthen and spread the message. The programme begins with 360 degree reviews which relate to behaviours displayed and the results are compiled in a comprehensive report. This is then debriefed to ensure a full understanding of the results and used as a key indicator for progression and development throughout the step change process.


Richard has been key in helping to develop the programme and has become a driving force for change within the business, a business that he has managed for 30 years.  To see his level of dedication to change, and development within himself and his organisation after so long, has been inspirational.


Additionally, during the COVID 19 pandemic, as a business we had to make some hard decisions to ensure longevity of the company. Due to the development & training of the charter, as well as the new company culture it had naturally developed, he was able to engage with everyone with a high level of honesty and integrity to explain and communicate the challenges the business was facing and to engage with everyone on a personal level to show the best of our values – clarity, integrity & team work, in a very hard and unprecedented situation.


We know this process was hard for him, but he used our values to ensure everything was communicated clearly and honestly and although the news was bad, the feedback from the teams on how the situation was handled was very good and respectful. The way he handled this situation was testament to how far he and the business has developed and thanks to this we still have a positive and engaged team of people pulling in the same direction despite the stressful situation we have been through.

Director making a speech Richard Wilson Office Opening Vision and Values