Investors in People

Further to our Investors in People (IIP) assessment a few weeks ago, WE HAVE PASSED!!! This means we are fully accredited for another 3 years and we have achieved the We Invest in People Standard Accreditation.

At the crux of it, accreditation means that every single person is involved in supporting each other and is doing their best to make work better. 


The assessor said she really enjoyed her week with us and loved learning more about Concorde and its people.  She found everyone she interviewed to be positive, engaging and was grateful for how open we all were.  We will receive a full report with feedback and suggestions of how we can continue to develop as a business which will allow us to support our workforce and improve business results.


This great result shows what an amazing team we have and what a great place Concorde is to work, grow and develop.  There is always more we can do though so we will be using staff feedback and the recommendations from IIP to form an action plan so that we can keep making changes, keep improving and keep moving forward.


People are attracted to organisations that know how to take care of their people and we have achieved this result after an assessment on the below people management strategies:


Leading and inspiring people. Leaders are trusted members of the company. They clearly communicate the company’s objectives and motivate and inspire people to work towards them.


Living the organisations’ values and behaviours. Everyone, at every level works with the company’s values in mind all the time. And they have the courage and support to challenge anyone who isn’t doing the same.


Empowering and involving people. There’s a culture of trust and responsibility in the company. Each person feels ownership over their role, and empowered to make decisions.


Managing Performance. Leaders and people alike set the right objectives, track their progress and act on other people’s feedback.


Rewarding and recognising high performance. The company rewards people when they do well. People feel motivated to always do their best work.


Structuring work. Each role is designed in a way that works towards the company’s objectives, is rewarding and encourages collaboration.


Building capability. Leaders develop their people and make sure they’re given everything they need to thrive at work. And the company hires the right people, at the right time, for the right roles.


Delivering continuous improvement. The company is always looking for ways to improve. Leaders will look beyond their industry for inspiration, and any new approaches they find are welcomed by a culture that encourages innovation.


Creating sustainable success. Leaders are aware of how the world around their company is changing over time, and are making the right internal changes to not just keep up, but stay ahead.