Clerkenwell Design Week

Clerkenwell Design Week is a spectacular event! The week showcases a series of temporary installations of fresh, new concepts as well as a range of talks aimed to inspire and educate. The Concorde BGW Design Team visited the event on the 23rd May to explore different aspects of design.  

The Design Team was split into 3 groups so they could cover as much ground as possible.  So much was seen and learnt that day that trying to share it all would be nearly impossible, so here is a quick snapshot.  


  • Benjamin Hurbert in conversation with Max Fraser: Max’s passion for chair design was inspirational and understanding what drives and inspires him was thought-provoking.  The talk focused on experience-driven design for both the physical and digital worlds particularly chair design. Did you know he is designing new seating for airplanes where your comfort will be controlled by an app?


  • The power of light exhibition – the photos say it all…


  • Parkside Tiles showroom -Parkside Tiles had the most impressive display of contemporary porcelain, ceramic and natural stone tiles, including many exclusives, from some of the world’s most dynamic manufacturers.


  • Psychology of colour - Liz West talks about how colour has fed into her work which could be seen in the Power of Light Exhibition which was setup by Liz. She creates vivid environments with luminous colours and radiant light.


  • Skinflint -  Skinflint had an impressive showroom of classic and timeless lighting designs, for both the kitchen to large runs of elegant glassware for large commercial settings.


  • The future of luxury – The panellists for the future of luxury talked about what role design will play in luxury and how design can help to shape the luxury market. 


  • Design Fields Exhibition – This exhibition was in partnership with Kitchen architecture showcasing all the leading furniture, lighting and product design from around the world. The showcase showed us all the best and diverse range of contemporary design.


Clerkenwell Design Week - Photo 1 Clerkenwell Design Week - Photo 2 Clerkenwell Design Week - Photo 3 Clerkenwell Design Week - Photo 4 Clerkenwell flowers at clerkenwell patterned tile Seating at clerkenwell